I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Co-Director of The New Media Incubator at Wright State University.

I use storytelling with data and media to help organizations make data-driven decisions to achieve strategic goals. I'm an experienced, collaborative researcher with a strong background in project management, qualitative analysis, and mixed methods. I use Qualtrics, SPSS and ATLAS.ti in my work.

I received my PhD in Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media from North Carolina State University, where I was formally trained in project management, qualitative and quantitative research methods, and the communication of research results in written publications, verbal presentations and digital formats for public audiences.

I apply that training in the New Media Incubator, a media production and innovation hub working with small and medium businesses, non-profit organizations, and government or military partners. Under my leadership, our multi-disciplinary and cross-functional team provides project management and creation of effective digital deliverables.

Students conducting internships under my supervision have also gained practical experience working on recent film and TV series projects. Details about those projects can be found in the links below.