Selected Works

I have several research projects currently in progress. One research avenue focuses on how emerging media technologies impact workplace practices. Technology has afforded journalists a myriad of new opportunities to promote and publish content online. Many of my projects provide insight into new practices that have become standard operating procedures for digital media publishing and examine how the heavy imprint of traditional media forms are not made clear within the new media platforms. Currently, I am examining how AI-based photo/video content creation is incorporated into journalistic and visual storytelling.

My initial research into how social media automated sharing tools are used on broadcast platforms provided a rich future research trajectory that encompasses online communication, user-interface design, mobile communications, and new media technologies. This research trajectory also enables me to trace changes in the uses of digital media tools and technologies within the journalism and business industries over time.

As part of my work on a three-year $50,000 grant from the Institute for the Arts and Humanities (IAH), I served on a team of researchers collaborating to code and build a flexible, robust content management system with integrated social networking features designed to support online writing, research, and collaboration among scholars at various levels of their career. This scalable, open-source, customizable platform enabled end-users to accept, review, and publish a wide variety of online content.

Media Production

Veterans' Voices: Lives and Stories (2019)

My research also extends into media production activities. As part of a team of faculty and students from the Communication Department, WSU Veteran and Military Center, and the Department of English Language and Literatures, I directed a documentary exploring veteran stereotypes. The film explores themes of family, integrity, hardship, perseverance, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship. For more on the Ohio Humanities grant funded Veterans' Voices: Lives and Stories documentary, check out our IMDB page.

Speakers and Beakers

Speakers and Beakers, a children's science show, debuted its first episode "Air is Everywhere" on PBS Think TV and CET in the summer of 2019. This National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - Ohio Valley Emmy award-winning show, encourages children to sing-a-long to the tune of science. Created by Kevin Cornell, the show follows a scientist - Mister C - on a journey of discovery of the properties of air. You can view a copy of the episode at The website includes downloadable activity sheets for classroom and home-based science activities.

Links to selected publications

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