Student Feedback

Multimodal Composition

This upper level composition course within the new Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Literacies writing minor in the English and Comparative Literature department. This class challenged students to analyze digital media environments and create multimodal compositions. Students developed projects using images, audio, video, and words. This course explored multimedia composing within the history of rhetoric and writing. Topics included the rhetoric of images and video; remix composition; memes; digital composition; contextually-specific images, and social media analysis in relation to multimodal compositions

What students had to say after the first few weeks through informal, anonymous feedback

“This has definitely helped me think about future professional settings. I was unsure how this minor (English) would be used for a career, but now I have ideas about how to write for markets or to an audience of a business”

“Looking at different ways technology and communication is seen. There are so many different levels to where people view things in context, whether at a community or societal level”

“It challenges me to think through the symbolism in memes, stretch my definition of memes, and become aware. Many things have a particular expectation/purpose. When used inaccurately, it loses that purpose.”

“This class in general is a great tool for learning marketing techniques. I’m more equipped to think outside of the box for classes now”

“It will help me to complete more in depth analyses and think more abstractly about other topics”

End of semester course evaluation comments

"Honestly, Dr. Ware is the best professor I have had in college up to this point (I am a sophomore). Not only did she work extra hard to ensure we understood all elements of the course material. Further, she was always able to emphasize the practicality of the course material and how it can be applied to our future. Within a department such as English that is constantly questioned about its applicability to the real world I cannot stress how appreciative I was of this.

Among the myriad of 'Gen Ed' classes I took this semester, the skills I learned in this class are the only that I can foresee sticking with me, and this is in no small part due to Dr. Ware. If you're reading this Dr. Ware, thanks for making it such an enjoyable and valuable class! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated."

"Dr. Ware is one of the most accessible and down to earth professors I have ever encountered. She made herself readily available, and gave thorough and honest feedback on our assignments."

"This course engaged me like none other. I truly appreciate and value the new composition skills I have required as a result."

"I was feeling sometimes like I wasn't understanding everything we were working on and Dr. Ware has been very helpful. In addition of being a good teacher, I think she was an excellent work partner for all of us"

"I've definitely learned how to better articulate myself when talking about my work. I owe that to this class."

"It helped improve my writing for real life scenarios, not just papers"