New Media Incubator

As co-director of The New Media Incubator (Inc) since 2017, we have established the mission and vision for a creative, collaborative and innovative space that provides professional level experiential learning opportunities for students with extensive mentorship from the co-directors. The Inc is a place of exploration and possibility. Instead of asking "what is the 'right' answer?" we ask "what are the possibilities?"


In the New Media Incubator you will find a variety of creative zones.

In the front, we have a collaboration zone where we host guest speakers, workshops, classes, and students who want to work in a creative environment. Students work on creative productions in our editing suite and make videos in our studio and control room. You can even see a 3D printer creating objects that range from dinosaur tchotchkes to prosthetic hands.

At the Inc, we create:

Possibilities. Interactions. Positive experiences. New project concepts.


Our work is grounded in collaboration between students, faculty, and community members. These keywords embody that spirit: Care Open Learn Listen Appreciate Brainstorm Organized Respect Adaptability Team Up Engage


You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

I'll play it first and tell you what it is later.

- Miles Davis

Speaker Series with Ashley Hall and Tom from WBI, talking about innovating for good through purposeful design
Student in a dark control room running a teleprompter for an acting student recording session
Computer editing station, one of 6 in the Inc. With footage in Adobe premiere recorded at a makerspace in Dayton Ohio
Senior Production Outreach Team recording TEDxYouth@Dayton 2020. Full field production team