A selection of larger, complex projects where I was a leader/manager and worked with multiple stakeholders and cross-functional teams to create deliverables. These are a few examples from my time in various leadership and team positions.

Wright State University

Associate Professor, Department of Communication. Co-Director, The New Media Incubator (2015 - present)

As an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, I co-direct the New Media Incubator, a media production and innovation hub. I manage and support graduate and undergraduate students who work in our space, mentoring them as they learn high level project management skills and create deliverables for a variety of clients.

Project: Digital Media & Writing Certificate Creation

As a faculty advisor for students within our Communication Program, I regularly conducted user (student) interviews to better understand the goals of our students and discover pain points within their college journey and job goals. I used open ended questions, qualitative methods to explore these challenges and then generate ideas and solutions with colleagues.

Problem: Through my research and that of a colleague in another department, we found that many students were taking courses in their last year of school that did not directly relate to their interests and goals in order to fulfill requirements for their degrees. In addition, after using descriptive statistics to engage with conversation level data, we found that students often were searching for and applying to entry level jobs that required several years of real-world experience, which was a pain point for students.

Method: Through two initiatives and collaboration with multiple stakeholders, we developed a 15 credit Digital Media & Writing Certificate. This certificate provides students with the opportunity to take courses in Professional and Technical Writing (Department of English) and Digital Media (Department of Communication) with a focus in hands-on production and project management. The students also create a portfolio of work, and are asked to make connections across their courses, foregrounding the connected nature of their educational experience.

Impact: Each year since it's inception, the certificate has continued to grow in enrollment. The students also report that the certificate has provided them with concrete ways to recognize and highlight their educational training. For many students, courses are often seen as separate and distinct. Here, the students, through the design of the certificate are able to see connections and talk about them during interviews and presentations.

Landmark Communications - The Virginian-Pilot

Online Advertising Director/Producer - Interactive Media Division (2007 - 2009)

Project manager for The Virginian-Pilot online video-based advertising initiatives.

Project: Creation of Video Advertising Campaign Deliverables

The Interactive Media division of Landmark Communications was created to produce online content including articles, videos, serial products and provide online access to the Virginian-Pilot Newspaper in Norfolk, VA.

Problem: Sales personnel had a desire to sell video ads to their clients. When I joined the team, there were no guidelines for the sales personnel, no product inventories nor were there examples for customers to evaluate.

Method: As the online advertising director/producer I first met and talked with sales personnel at a variety of levels, video journalists, the web development team and product development team. Then, after assessing the needs of various stakeholders, I created a set of product guidelines and menus of available video ad materials. The sales personnel and division managers then, through focus groups and open ended feedback, provided further direction and input into the available menu of video advertising types available. The products were then categorized using a method comparable to card sorting and presented to the team managers and directors. I also worked with the division manager to calculate and balance the ROI comparable to the labor investments needed to create the deliverables. I also used analytics software to measure the CTR and scheduling software (created in house) to schedule ad impressions based upon sales agreements.

I held regular trainings with many sales personnel and went on sales calls with them to train them in selling the deliverables to their clients.

As a second major project, through my conversations with team leaders, it became known that a weekly half-hour television program was being created by an outside agency for a high cost to the organization. I worked with the director of the Career Connection division to create that product on deadline each week using our existing internal resources and created technical documentation for the creation of this deliverable.

Impacts: Through my work I provided our sales team with an entire suite of products available to their advertising clients and enabled clear communication to our clients about the range and types of video ads available to them. The sales team also became highly proficient at selling video based advertising to our clients, who at that time were primarily print-based and moving into online advertising spaces. My work resulted in saving $100,000 per year in production costs for the Career Connection Unit by finding efficiencies, creating workflows and utilizing in house resources to create a high value product.

Public Communications - The City of Cheseapeake, VA

Producer/Editor/Director/Videographer - (2004 - 2007)

Team member and project leader for television programming creation in city government

Project: Production efficiencies and workflow optimization

The Public Communications Department is an efficient and collaborative team of marketing, web development and television production creatives who communicate with the residents of the City of Chesapeake, VA. We also worked regularly with other city offices and city officials beyond the scope of our department, such as the city council, engingeering, police, fire and EMS personnel. Our department members worked together as a team and would each function as team leaders on different types of creative programming for the television station broadcast by the City of Chesapeake.

Problem: One program in particular, the weekly News update, took the team the most amount of time and resources (personnel and equipment) to create. After interviews with several of my team members and the director of the department, I created a new series of workflows that reduced the amount of editing time on the project from the original 2.5 days to approximately 4 hours of editing.

Impacts: Through our award-winning productions, we provided a variety of programming - sports, medical, events, news and entertainment, to inform and entertain the citizens of Chesapeake. When I instituted more efficient production workflows for one of main regular programs, the team was then able to have more time to create special projects - such as documentaries - and even create new programs related to health and wellness for our citizens to explore. This led to a direct increase in job satisfaction by several members of our team and an increase in positive feedback from community members who enjoyed the new programming.